Tom Grey

Owner & Operator

Tom was originally from the UK and moved to Florida around 2004. He graduated with a BAhons Degree in Architectural Design in 2001 and soon became interested in a career in web and graphic design. Tom then picked up photography and video skills and has been doing all this ever since. When he's not working or being a family man he's love for Tournament Waterskiing or Road Cycling keeps his mind relaxed.

Other Interestes
Waterskiing Cycling Family Travel
History Technology

Hi i'm Tom,

Born in to a family of Architects and Designers, I've grown up looking at everything with an eye on design & creativity. I'm driven to better myself and the next thing i see and i'm as passionate about my customers work as i am with my own.


With over 18years of experience I class myself as a senior creative professional. I've worked with a number of agencies, companies and individuals in many different creative fields giving me a well rounded experience. Through this process i've built a wide variety of skills and knowledge of software applications for which I regularly use:


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • AdobeXD
  • Adobe Premier Pro
  • Adobe AfterEffects
  • Coda2 IDE
  • WordPress


  • Graphic Design
  • Branding & Identity
  • WebDesign (UX,UI)
  • Web (Site setup and basic server configuration)
  • Social Media Management
  • Google Analytics, AdWords, Adsense
  • Live Webcasting
  • Video Production (I own all our equipment)
  • Video Editing
  • Photography
  • AutoCad

My Clients and Work

Although i have had a few small projects for clients over the last couple of years my full time job for nearly 3 years has been helping to start a new waterski organization . My main role in the company has been to create a totally custom WordPress website with member management, profiles, and many more features. Along with that i have done all the branding and identity, marketing materials, SEO, social media and videos.

Please visit my LinkedIn profile for more information on past jobs, clients and my background.

I hope my website showcases my work which hopefully speaks for itself. Please feel free to call me on 407 545 4600 or email me - for any further information.